Chill In The Hypnotic Triphop Of Daemon & Airdrie’s “China Shop”

Hauntingly starry.

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

With sparkling fingersnaps and marching cadence, Daemon & Airdrie’s “China Shop” opens up with a mystifying air that exudes a gothic melancholia. “Make me a China shop / So I will learn how to be / With most of the keen parts” chants Airdrie with a mesmerizing air. The single is fueled with borderline-ambient synths that carry you floating to starry levels. It coheres to a crispy triphop texture where we get immediately drawn to the magnetic vocals of the duo. Watch the video below:

“Make me a telescope / So I will never be a part / From your tiniest bits” sings Daemon as he glides into the vocal realm alongside Airdrie. Rhythmically, “China Shop” moves in laid-back arpeggios that evokes and haunts your emotions – it throbs with heartbreak, desire, and introspection that are embedded in poetry.

Comprised of Marley Daemon Iredale and Jesse “Airdrie” Thom, Daemon & Airdrie are originally from British Columbia, Canada and have been in an open relationship for almost a decade. Their experiences with changing lovers, heartaches, jealousy, and rage have become the influences of their creativity. Although both artists have toured internationally together as part of the acclaimed folk trio Dirty Grace, they decided to take another sonic trajectory by songsculpting as a duo in the fall of 2016. “China Shop” is the debut single of the duo who are planning to tour starting this summer. Check out dates:

6/23-24 – Campbell Bay Music Fest (Mayne Island, BC, Canada)

8/4-7 – Arts Wells Festival (Wells, BC, Canada)

8/11-13 – Robson Valley Music Fest (Dunster, BC, Canada)

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