Scarlet Pleasure Takes Us To Nice Through Intimate, Cinematographic Lens In “Deja-vu”

Time to trot around France.

Photo: Courtesy of Copenhagen Records

After taking us into R&B popgasm with their single “Deja-vu”, Danish pop trio, Scarlet Pleasure, are back with a video for it where they take us to Nice, France. “Deja-vu” is a track that is graced with small, but tasteful components: intriguing finger snaps, skeets of thumps, and roiling synth layers that take you to surprising sonic territories. The video is similar in that it is cinematographically built in unexpected manners. Switching interchangeably between intimate cell-phone lenses and aesthetic camera, Scarlet Pleasure captures the architectural beauty of France. Amidst the grandiosity of landscape, the video captures the raw emotions and dynamics of the trio living the moment – small details like this is what gives it a personal touch:

“‘Deja-vu’ is about living in a limbo between dream and reality. It’s about falling in love with everyone you meet and get your heart broken over and over again and then drown your miserable self in sweet liquor and karaoke. We shot the video in the South of France, trying to catch the aesthetics of architectural modernism, Miro sculptures and ideal landscape for what we had in mind.” shared Scarlet Pleasure.

For the past three years, Scarlet Pleasure has quickly become one of the most cutting edge artists in the Danish music scene. “Deja-vu” is the follow up of their debut record, Youth Is Wasted On The Young, which they released a year ago. Since releasing their album, they have headlined Danish Roskilde Festival and have received shoutouts from press for their knack of songsculpting eccentric pop. You can follow the three on Facebook and Instagram.