Live Your Party Dreams With Sweetmates’ Indietronic Single “Dream To Be Living”

Another shiny piece from Disco Turd.

Photo: Sweetmates Facebook

UK electro duo, Sweetmates, takes us into cascading bursts of synths that drench you with party-ready adrenaline with their track “Dream To Be Living.” It is explosive and keeps your ears in the same intense trance from start to finish. If you need a motivational get-shit-done track or just a fist-pumper, “Dream To Be Living” is your answer:

“Dream To Be Living” is from their EP, Disco Turd, which was released on April 1st. Comprised of Andrew Bunker an Declan Rodgers, Sweetmates is a Brighton-based band that started songsculpting back in 2015 and has been giving us earjobs recently with house-dipped indie pop like “Woof.” You can tell them how much you love (or hate) them on Facebook and Instagram.