Keep The Dancefloor Classy With Urban Cone’s “Old School”

A touch of classiness with eccentric flair.

Photo: Urban Cone – Old School YouTube

After teasing us with their single “Old School” months ago, Urban Cone finally unveiled the video for it where we see the quartet joined by their army of disco kidz. It packs cuteness, but also accentuates the simplicity and freedom that children find in any playground (this case, the dancefloor) compared to adults who often times miss out in living the moment. Listen, learn, and let go:

Urban Cone’s Emil shared that “Our message to everyone is to appreciate what we have in front of us and not be too caught up with the limiting side of social media. Now enjoy our video which you probably found via social media then go back outside and embrace life!”

That’s right ya’ll…but before you go back to the real world, go holla at them on Facebook and Instagram. Also, see them in-person:

4/7 – Birthday’s (London, UK)

4/10 – Badehaus (Berlin, Germany)