The Wooden Sky Bring Primal Survival to Psychedelic Territories In Their New LP, Swimming in Strange Waters

An LP born out of survival.

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Some people repress their trauma in muteness while others dissect it and voice it out. Toronto-based indie folk quartet, The Wooden Sky, fall into the latter hybrid of those who choose to grow with it. Their new album Swimming in Strange Waters, which was released today via Nevado Records, is a 9-track narrative and meditation of the frontman Gavin Gardiner’s personal battle dealing with traumatic events. Stream the opener “Swimming in Strange Waters” below:

Gardiner shared that the LP served as a creative outlet to deal with the abuse that his mother endured from his grandfather. While the quartet have been known for addressing heavy social and political themes in the past, Swimming in Strange Waters is an ambitious stretch for the four who explore vulnerability and the emotional survival that we face even after the chaos has subsided.

The record’s title is based on a line in Frank Herbert’s 1965 sci-fi book, Dune, which goes like this: “Survival is the ability to swim in strange water.” Drenched with propulsive percussions, each track seamlessly explores the vulnerability of a frazzled mind that is trying to make sense of the pain. Amidst the synth-swelling ambient and fleshy psyche harmony, there is a primal survival instinct that Gardiner touches upon with lyrical deft. Throughout the record, you feel like you’re having an intimate conversation with Gardiner and at the same time receiving a sonic massage from him. Stream the entire LP below:

You can get Swimming in Strange Waters here. As of now, The Wooden Sky are currently on tour so go see them live:

North American 2017 tour

4/19 – Phoenix Concert Theatre (Toronto, ON, Canada)

4/22 – Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre (Salut Ste Marie, ON, Canada)

4/28 – Lincoln Hall (Chicago, IL, USA)

4/29 – Cedar Culture Center (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

4/30 – West End Cultural Centre (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)

5/2 – Starlite Room (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

5/3 – Commonwealth Bar & Stage (Calgary, AB, Canada)

5/6 – The Crocodile (Seattle, WA, USA)

5/7 – Wonder Ballroom (Portland, OR, USA)

5/9 – Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA, USA)

5/10 – Constellation Room at the Observatory (Santa Ana, CA, USA)

5/11 – Echoplex (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

5/12 – Soda Bar (San Diego, CA, USA)

6/23 – Massey Hall (Toronto, ON, Canada)

6/28 – Pianos (New York, NY, USA)

6/29 – Milkboy Philly (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

7/21 – Bengough Regional Park (Bengough, SK, Canada)

Europe 2017 tour

6/8 – Hakken (Hamburg, Germany)

6/9 – Auster-club (Berlin, Germany)


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