Hunters Bring Back The Hardcore Aesthetics Of Rock In “Dead End”

Finnish rockers delivering the raw intensity of rock.

Photo: Kirsti Leinonen

“I can’t seem to think straight / With a beat stuck in my head” chants the coarsely, acute voice of Hunters’ frontman Eki Hunter as the guitar strikes and drumbeats keep your goosebumps up. Their music video “Dead End” follows Eki skateboarding as he goes through an inner creativity wrestling – it is angry, but rather than lashing it out Hunters manage to point that anger into fueling the sonic tension throughout the track. “Dead End” has a vintage 80s rock sound, but feels more polished with catchy loops:

Comprised of Eki Hunter (vocals), Sonny Dawoud (lead guitar, back vocals), Samu Kinnari (rhythm guitar, back vocals), Olavi Pietiäinen (bass), and Akseli Aro (drums), Hunters are from Helsinki and have been rocking together since 2009. “Dead End” is from their debut album with the same title, which will be out on August 26th of this year. Follow the quintet on Facebook.