Meet Julian Jasper – The Groove Master Behind Smooth Dad Rock

Cross-pollination of funk and rock that is as smooth as your dad’s 80s leather jacket.

Photo: Julian Jasper Facebook

The first time you listen to Julian Jasper, you can’t help but think he’s the child prodigy who was born out of a massive orgy among funk, rock, disco, and maybe psychedelia. His track, “2am, Chinatown,” harbors the utopian nocturnal trance that you can dance in Xanaxed fashion as Jasper’s echoing vocals and the grinding chords polish your ears. It’s got a vintagy, 80s air to it that lives up to his self-labeled genre ‘Smooth Dad Rock.’ Play below:

We don’t know who Julian Jasper is except that he lives in Los Angeles and is stalkable on Facebook. It’s not like he’s shy or anything… if you Google him, you can find his face easily (it’s the dude with the powerful eyebrows). Our theory is that he’s just too lazy to set up anything beyond Facebook and SoundCloud. One day…