ELLEH’s “New To This” Is The Sad Boy Disco Song For All Illegitimate Affairs & Nostalgia

When your post-drunk existentialism hits, it’s time to hit ELLEH.

Photo: Courtesy of Lights and Music PR

“Remember the first words you said to me / Remember the first things you’ve done to me” croons ELLEH with soothing melancholia in their single “New To This.” The Japanese electro duo (Satoru Teshima and Bob Willey) captures the moodiness that strikes during the final hours at the dancefloor as we let alcohol bring back memories of our exes, bad hookups, and other C+ decisions. The incessant cascade of thumps serve as anchors to your adrenalines while the smooth and longing chants of Satoru Teshima shuffle through nostalgic reflections. Stream below:

“Remember your wife might be near us / Remember your son might be hearing us.” ELLEH implicitly hints you about an illegitimate affair, adding more substance to the lyrical dimension. “New To This” is from ELLEH’s Anthems EP Part 1, which will be out on April 15. ELLEH came up with the concept of “sad boy disco” to encapsulate the mental state we find ourselves at 4am after drinking and clubbing. Your existential crisis hits on the dancefloor and while you feel hopeless, you can’t stop partying. It’s a bittersweet dance.

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