Empathy Test’s “Bare My Soul” Is Nirvana In Luscious Electropop Form


Photo: Courtesy of Liberty Music PR

The first time you run into Empathy Test’s “Bare My Soul” feels like hitting the jackpot of your auditory G-spot – the aerated synths and dripping static beats send hair-rising vibrations that soak your system with enlightened serotonins. You’re immediately transported into an ethereal venue where the neon lights give you a glimpse of nirvana. “Bare My Soul” is the type of track that you don’t need to be stoned to feel stoned. Moving in a laser-like motion, “Bare My Soul” stands in the perfect rhythmic balance between grand-sized ambient and chilled-out state:

“‘Bare My Soul’ is literally about doing just that; baring one’s soul. Isaac was initially inspired by a radio documentary he heard about Kurt Cobain, in which someone said, ‘[Kurt] had this ability to…bare his soul, in a way that no one else could.’ The music mirrors that feeling of release when you finally get things off your chest, moving from the dark, suffocating tightness of the verses into the bright, open space of the choruses. The people in the song; Stephen, Blythe, Cassandra and Sophie, are all real people that Isaac encountered growing up.” shared the duo.

Empathy Test is a London-based duo comprised of Isaac Howlett (vocals) and Adam Reif (production) who have been independently songsculpting together since January 2013….and by “independently” we mean that they are unsigned cus clearly the record A&R didn’t do the one job they were supposed to do. “Bare My Soul” is from the duo’s debut record titled Safe From Harm, which is set to be released on June 23rd of this year via PledgeMusic (self-funded campaign. Will kick off on April 21st). Empathy Test has already managed to produce two EPs, headlined their own tour, gained radio plays, and performed across Europe. Speaking of which, they are currently hitting the stages of Europe:

4/16 – Het Oude Badhuis (Antwerp, Belgium)

4/17 – Kulttempel (Oberhausen, Germany)

4/19 – Underground (Koln, Germany)

4/20 – Subkultur (Hanover, Germany)

4/21 – Essigfabrik (Cologne, Germany)

4/22 – HSD (Erfurt, Germany)

4/23 – Szene (Wien, Austria)

4/24 – Backstage (Munchen, Germany)

4/25 – Club CANN (Stuttgart, Germany)

4/26 – Factory (Magdeburg, Germany)

4/27 – Alte Schmelze (Wiesbaden, Germany)

4/28 – De Kreun (Kortrijk, Belgium)

4/29 – Ringlokschuppen (Bielefeld, Germany)

4/30 – Markthalle (Hamburg, Germany)

5/1 – 02 Islington Academy (London, UK)

7/22 – Amphi Festival (Cologne, Germany)

8/5 – Unter Dem Himmel Festival (Thale, Germany)

8/26 – Infest 2017 (Literhills, UK)

9/9 – Privat Club (Berlin, Germany)