Find Your Electro/R&B Zen In Akurei’s “Hinterland”

Chill warm vibes.

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Aussie electronic artist, Akurei, makes his first sonic imprint into the R&B/synthpop territory with his single “Hinterland” – a gleaming track of fuzzy pulse that is appropriate for mindful chilling. Shuffling through meditative ideas, Akurei takes you to a silky soundscape where the hazy ambiance and his croons create a timeless space for you to meditate. Stream below:

“Hinterland is about finding a space to reflect. I’m inclined to ruminate, so this song is about the decision to go outside, take a walk and stop sitting with my thoughts,” shared Akurei.

Connor Grant is the dude behind Akurei and if you think he looks familiar, it’s not because he looks like the son of god. He’s also the mastermind behind Whisperer and has played in Golden Vessel’s live shows. Akurei is his latest project so go holla at him on Facebook and Instagram.