Cure Your Drinking Heartbreak With Kudu Blue’s R&B/Electropop Single “Drink Alone”

For bartenders and solo souls.


Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

UK electro quartet, Kudu Blue, knows that if there is anything worse than hangover is drinking solo – there’s something so bittersweet and tragic about it. Their new R&B-infused single, “Drink Alone,” spills out the despair and loneliness that lies beneath imbibing without a support system. Stacked with small loops, the track relies on shuffling beats and bursting synth verses that deliver a sonic fluidity parallel to the motion of pouring. Fluctuating between lower register and piercingly high notes seamlessly, the frongtal Clementine Douglas possesses a voice that has weight and keeps the fluid track grounded by giving solidity. Tapping into the delicate vulnerability that we all possess during the late hours of the night, “Drink Alone” is a brief and raw confession of longing for human contact:

“The lyrical inspiration came a few years ago now. I was working in a pub in Brighton and we’d often have a drink during our shift. This one day I was trying to be good and decided to stick to some nutritious H2O. The girl that I was working with said ‘please don’t make me drink alone,’ I thought it could be a good song premise so wrote it down, then had a pint.” shared Clementine.

The other members of Kudu Blue are Owen (keys, synths & production), Tom (bass) and Creeda (drums). “Drink Alone” is from their upcoming EP, Shaded, which will be self-released on April 28. Kudu Blue has already accumulated vast shoutouts from press and radio for their R&B/synthpop sound since its inception in 2014. They have tour dates coming up:

5/3 – The Camden Assembly (Camden, UK)

5/17-20 – The Great Escape (Brighton, UK)

5/26 – Dot to Dot Festival Manchester (Manchester, UK)

5/27 – Dot to Dot Festival Bristol (Bristol, UK)

5/28 – Dot to Dot Festival Nottingham (Nottingham, UK)