Siddhartha’s New Video “Ser Parte” Will Teach You How To Align With Your Partner’s Circadian Rhythm

It takes a village.

Photo: Siddhartha – Ser Parte YouTube

Siddhartha’s videos have been toying with the concept of sleeping – we were transported into an inception-like world in his video “Tarde” (“Late”). His new one, “Ser Parte” (“Be Part Of You”), takes the same trajectory where we see Siddhartha and his female counterpart take turns sleeping as the other person carries him or her through various habitats. Given that the director is Jorge Camarena (he also directed “Tarde”) the new video is visually anchored by a surrealistic vibe that takes you into a semi-mystical journey of two lovers trying to become one. Here’s to all the couples out there who have mismatching circadian rhythms and often need to drag/carry one another:

“Ser Parte” is from Siddhartha’s new record Únicos (Only Ones), which was released back in September 2016. As of now, he has tour dates coming up so go be part of him:

4/20 – Centro de Convenciones Barranco (Barranco, Peru)

5/20 – Teatro Morelos (Toluca, Mexico)

6/3 – Festival Anónimo (Mexico City, Mexico)

6/17 – Machaca 2017 (Monterrey, Mexico)

7/13 – PortAmérica (Caldas de Reis, Spain)

7/13 – Festival Río Babel (Madrid, Spain)