Huxlee’s “Big Breath In” Is The Chest-Swelling Indie Pop That Will Help You Call Out BS

Don’t roll with it – call it out.

Photo: Didi Beck

Los Angeles-based poptress, Huxlee, puts bullshit under the simplest and easiest way to make sense in her track “Big Breath In.” There are those who despite not wanting you, need you there for their benefit and Huxlee slaughters that bullshit with her slick indie pop piece. The hypnotic chorus, “Come out, come out with it / You don’t want me / Come out, come out with it / You just need me around” has a spellbinding effect on you that lingers even after the song has ended. The melody flows in a swirling motion that seethes an outré folk vibe hard to resist – indulge:

Caitlin Notey is the gal behind Huxlee, who has been around for more than a year. She released her self-funded debut EP, Teammate, a year ago and is planning on releasing a new 4-track EP, Appetite, on April 26th. You can track her on Facebook & Instagram.