Sundaes Send Us “Smoke Signals” In Hazy Indie Rock Infection

Fizzy rock that dissolves right in your ears.

Photo: Courtesy of Tell All Your Friends PR

Aside from their penchant for sugar, Nashville-based indie rockers Sundaes like to hit your brain’s reward system with their fizzy new single “Smoke Signals.” Rolling on a semi-monotonic cadence, “Smoke Signals” is embellished with sparks of folk and buoyant ambiance that spreads into your system at a plague-like rate. Stream below:

“Smoke Signals” is the second release of their upcoming EP, which they haven’t disclosed much details yet. Drawing influences from various genres and eras, Sundaes have already had successful sold-out shows and had their track “Walk My Street” featured as the soundtrack for Spotlight. You can find Sundaes on YouTubeFacebook and Instagram.