Sportsman’s “Running On A Beach” Take Us In Slo-Mo R&B Trip To The Beach

Laid back R&B with jolt of coastal pop.

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

Stockholm-based R&B singer, Sportsman, take us to a dreamlike scenario in his slo-mo video “Running On A Beach” where we see Sportsman’s back as he absorbs the oceanic view. The production is clean and fueled with mist of synths where Sportsman’s croons add another layer of ruminative effect. It’s melancholic, but has a magnetic warmth to it. Stream below:

Per Magnusson is the musicthlete behind Sportsman. He wrote the track when he was staying at a cabin in Tanzania with a fever and high on antimalarial tablets. “I smelled weed, like someone was smoking just outside my window. I got up and walked straight out on the postcard-like beach. I took a run in the sunrise, passing drunk fishermen and women spinning seaweed. This song is about these magic hours on the border of dream and reality.”

“Running On A Beach” is from his upcoming debut album, Neverland, which will be out on June 2. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram.