Light Up Your Synthpop Arena With Hicari’s “Stellar”

Smashing society’s notion of beauty.

Photo: Pete Blaxill (aka raddest last name. Ever.)

When you listen to Hicari for the first time, you feel like you’re getting a hybrid of The 1975 and DNCE with a little sparkle of The Naked And Famous. With chest-swelling synths that cascade through you goosebumps and burst with the festive flair of pop, Hicari takes you on zestful dance with their new single “Stellar.” Stream below:

“Where I grew up, physical ‘beauty’ was seen as the only thing that made you worthy of being someone and so I grew up determined to be what people thought was beautiful. Now I see how subjective beauty is, we all perceive it differently and so for me ‘Stellar’ was being on both sides of the spectrum.” shared lead vocalist Shai.

Comprised of Shayaan Oshidar (lead vocals), Ryan Bickley (lead vocals, keyboard), Tatsu Saiki (guitar, keyboard), Paddy Morrison (bass), and Will brown (drums), Hicari is a Liverpool band that gained wide recognition with their debut song “Catch Fire.” Its remix version stacked more than a quarter million streams. As of now, they have a headline show coming up:

5/26 – Noting Hill Arts Club (London, UK)