Goldfrapp’s New Video “Systemagic” Captures The Corporeal Aura Of Choreographic Arts

When body fuses with art.

Photo: Goldfrapp – Systemagic (Official Video) YouTube

Goldfrapp’s new video “Systemagic” captures the pure, physical aura that dancers exude when they are immersed into the choreographic arts. Wearing plain robes or nothing at all, Alison Goldfrapp (who directed the video) strips the viewer and the performers of any embellishments to direct all the attention to the propelling motions. The close-ups to the muscular movements remind us of the unglamourous strength that goes towards in staging the lightweight-looking aesthetics of dance:

“Systemagic” is from Goldfrapp’s seventh album Silver Eye, which was released back in March 31st, 2017. As of now, Goldfrapp has show dates coming up:

4/26-27 – Brooklyn Steel (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

6/2 – Carriageworks (Eveleigh, Australia)

6/9 – Somerset House (London, UK)

6/14 – Henham Park (Suffolk, UK)

8/11 – Parrukatu (Helsinki, Finland)