Carmody Brings Nostalgia In Muted Euphoria In Her Single “Missing”

Bringing melody and silence together.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

You can only pick up the plucks of chords, saxophone, and breezy voice of Carmody in her single “Missing” where we are taken to the heartbreaking absence of someone whose memory lingers in muted euphoria. With warm croons, Carmody injects you with her sense of longing for an individual and quickly opens the Pandora box of nostalgia. Stream below:

“‘Missing; is a song for anyone who has someone missing from their lives that they still dream about” shared Carmody, “It was written after a dream I had where I was living by the sea with a friend I never see anymore, when I woke up I had to write about it, it felt so sad.”

The single is from her five track EP, 5 Kinds Of Loveless, produced by producer Jasper Tygner. As of now, Carmody has show dates coming up:

4/29 – Live At Leeds (Leeds, UK)

5/9 – Omeara (London, UK)