Vanbot Recorded Her Album In Trans-Siberian Railway Because Studios Are Overrated

Here’s what music recorded through 4,735 miles sound like.

Photo: Vanbot Facebook

Listen all you bedroom album recorders: the stakes have gone up higher. Swedish electronic artist, Vanbot, recorded her new album titled Siberia while riding the Trans-Siberian Railway. With the help of two producers, Vanbot has captured the nomadic essence of journeying through 4,735 miles in atmospheric, syncopated beats that feel timeless. It is the type of record that breathes into your ears and creates space out of melody – you’re suspended in a dreamlike trance where Vanbot’s whispers and train noise shuffle within your thoughts. Play the entire record below:

Watch “Not That Kind (Moscow) / The Making Of ‘Siberia’” below:

Ester Ideskog, the gal behind Vanbot, recorded the entire album during 17 days alongside Petter Winnberg and producer Johannes Berglund. Siberia was released on April 7 of this year and is the songstress’ third record up to date. Vanbot has already toured internationally and gained acclaim for her synthpop work that has been compared to the likes of Robyn. Follow Vanbot on Facebook & Instagram.