Experience The Synthbliss of Welsh Pop With Ani Glass’ “Dal i Droi”

It’s time to revamp your Euro pop.

Photo: Courtesy of Sound Affects PR

Hailing from Wales, Ani Glass brings all the hooky trimmings of synthpop together and drenches them with her piercingly soothing vocals in her single “Dal i Droi” (“Another Day). Exuding a 80s pop vibe, the track is coated with multiple vocals of Ani that showcase her prowess in manipulating her voice. She’s whispering, breathing, and chanting at you all at once. Despite being in Welsh, “Dal i Droi” is a magnetic piece where the mist of synths and Euro pop textures deliver a chilled-out atmospheric effect:

“Dal i Droi” is from Ani Glass’ EP, Ffrwydrad Tawel, which was released on April 21 via Recordiau Neb. The record was named after Wales’ artist Ivor Davies’ major exhibition “Silent Explosion/Ffrwydrad Tawel” at the National Museum of Cardiff. Regarding the EP, Glass commented “It’s about reconnecting with my language, history and culture after returning home having been away for years…the songs are a snapshot of this journey of self discovery.”

Ani Glass, who is also an artist and photographer, has been singing in her native languages Welsh and Cornish since releasing her solo music back in 2015. She was also a member of The Pipettes, Genie Queen, and The Lovely Wars. As of now the gal has tour dates coming up:

4/28 – Clwb y Bont (Pontypridd, Wales)

5/7 – Acapela (Pentyrch, Wales)

5/12 – Kmoedia Arts Café (Bath, Wales)

5/23 – Full Moon (Caerdydd, Wales)

5/26 – Llambed Arts (Lampeter, Wales)

5/31 – Eisteddford yr Urdd (Bridgend, Wales)

7/1 – Tafwyl (Caerdydd, Wales)

7/7 – Buffalo (Caerdydd, Wales)

7/16 – Gwdihw (Caerdydd)