Meet The New Tri Hop Wizard Of Denmark, KOPS, & His Debut “Takes 1 2 Know 1”

It takes 1 song 2 make 1 dance.

Photo: Kops Facebook

Copenhagen-based rising artist, KOPS, sways between sharp sine waves of synths and outbursts of thumps in his debut single “Takes 1 2 Know 1.” Hopscotching between midtempo and hip-hop pace, KOPS vocals move with free-flowing air that adds breeziness to the soundscape. Stream below:

Despite being 19, KOPS exhibits his encyclopedic knowledge of producing hit-worthy hooks with his debut. Having attended music school and DJ’ed on the side, KOPS has honed his own songsculpting skills in the past few years and is planning to unveil more of his work in the future. Follow him on Facebook.