Tripnaha Infuses Funk Into Lazy Summer Days In “Zuper Zummer”

Realistic snapshot of your summer memories.

Photo: Courtesy of Tripnaha

Watching Tripnaha’s new video, “Zuper Zummer,” feels like shuffling through the memories of summer days’ highlights without a chronological structure. It rolls on a freeform style that cinematographically captures how your brain plays memories where the colors are blurred and only certain moments remain vivid. Emitting an air of funk through the smoky croons, “Zuper Zummer” has a digitalized surreal vibe to it that is playful and meditative at the same time:

“Decadence mixed with humor. Zuper Zummer is influenced by lazy summer days, an easy going track but yet with a depth.” Shared Tripnaha.

Comprised of Elin Johansson and Fredd Jakobsen, Tripnaha formed back in spring of 2016 and have been making a buzz in the digital realm with their other works, including “Immune.” You can follow the duo on Facebook and Instagram.