Exactly Two Years Ago From Today, Disco Ruido Released “Pulso Animal” Ft. León Larregui

Two-year-old banger.

Photo: Disco Ruido ft. León Larregui – Pulso Animal (Official Video) YouTube

That’s right ya’ll – exactly two years ago from today, Mexican quartz pop masters Disco Ruido shared their smoky, eros-exuding video “Pulso Animal” (“Animal Pulse”) featuring León Larregui. Starting with a crotch close-up that smooths into a desert scenario where we see a damsel wander around the deserts, “Pulso Animal” frames the soft and dreamy aesthetics of a masturbatory fantasy that only a hopeless romantic would have. Yes, you get to see some flesh, but it’s not pornographic. The ethereal cinematographic elements and the enigmatic aura of the gal adds another dimension of exquisite reverie:

Speaking of Disco Ruido and León Larregui, check out their latest musical crossover:

Disco Ruido seem to be working on new songs whereas Larregui has been busy wrapping up tour for his second solo album Voluma.

So, what else happened on April 29, 2015? Apparently, the day that “Pulso Animal” arrived to YouTube, scientists discovered the first known dinosaur that had membranous wings named Yi Qi .