Yeo’s “Never Wanted That” Ft. Asta Is For Bad Relationship Hangovers

When romance, business, or friendships go wrong.

Photo: Kira Puru

In any relationship – whether it is romance, business, or friendship – when shit hits the fan, you are caught in a tug of war with the other party regarding who is at fault. There’s no other way to describe the feeling than as a gut-wrenching hangover you have from drinking AMF. The cure? Yeo’s “Never Wanted That” ft. Asta. Now, this song will certainly not fix the hotmess BUT it is certainly a more aesthetic and empathetic expression of the emotional hangover you’re experiencing. Pairing the atmospheric ingredients of R&B with a cavorting pop cadence, “Never Wanted That” delivers a soothing rush that feels simple but deliberately unpeels the emotional layers that have accumulated:

Having produced Asta’s EP Shine, Yeo has once again paired with the Tasmanian songstress for “Never Wanted That.” The track is from his LP Desire Path, which will be out on August 18. The Aussie artist hasn’t announced any tour dates yet, so follow him on Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow Asta on Facebook and Instagram.