Lea Porcelain’s Take Us Into Cinematic Shoegaze With Their New Single “Remember”

Rhapsody of melancholia.

Photo: Micki Rosi Richter

There is an oozing gloominess that is irresistible to indulge in the hazy, atmospheric soundscape of Lea Porcelain’s “Remember.” Injected with chest-swelling chords and silvery synthesizers that awash your ears, the track has the grand-sized aura of dream pop and the chaotic complexion of shoegaze. It feels cinematic – “Remember” is not a track that you hear, but feel as the beats breath out of your goosebumps:

“The meaning of ‘Remember’ sounds romantic by its first impression – like a song about a distant love, which it is in some way, but only slightly inspired by a woman. It was more like a feeling or a life we’ve been living until then. It is a special track in which the verses sound like they are sung in a complaining voice, directed towards a lover, whereas the chorus itself is influenced by the topic of selling your soul for musical creativity or genius” shared Lea Porcelain.

Lea Porcelain formed back in Frankfurt when techno producer, Julien Bracht, met with the indie musician, Markus Nikolaus. After songsculpting together, they decided to bid adieu to their solo paths and dedicate their creativity in Lea Porcelain. “Remember” is from their upcoming debut album, Hymns To The Night, which will be out on June 16th. As of now, the duo has show dates coming up across Europe:

5/17 – Paradiso (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

5/19 – Gonzo (Zurich, Switzerland)

5/20 – Chelsea (Vienna, Austria)

5/26 – Immergut Festival (Neustrelitz, Germany)

5/28 – Kantine am Berghain (Berlin, Germany)

6/4 – W.G.T. Festival (Leipzig, Germany)

6/15-17 – Modular Festival (Augsburg, Germany)

7/16 – Latitude Festival (Southwold, UK)


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