Midnight Pool Party’s “This Love” Is What You’ll Be Spinning At The End Of Your Summer Fling

House meets heartbreak.

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

“No, this love don’t feel / Like it once did before” chants Midnight Pool Party in their new single “This Love.” With magnetic house beats that are smeared with the heartbreaking plea to rekindle an extinguishing romance, the track evokes the image of an unbridled rooftop party. It has a Euro house touch to it with pop-tinted loops that makes it both soothingly repetitive and refreshingly hooky. Stream below:

“This Love” is from the Aussie duo’s debut EP, Dalliance, which is now available worldwide. “The title of the EP is reflective of the playful but bittersweet motions of the ups and downs of relationships. From our first catchy bangin’ single ‘Waiting,’ to our emotionally charged track ‘Collide,’ we definitely feel as though we are taking listeners on a new journey with us” shared Midnight Pool Party.

The EP has already received shoutouts from outlets and fans around the world. As of now, the duo haven’t announced any live show dates, so keep up with them via Facebook & Instagram.