Maximillian Takes Us Into An R&B Odyssey Of Emotional Addiction In “Higher”

Get high by just hitting play.

Danish artist, Maximillian, brings R&B and tri hop into an intoxicated euphoria in his new single “Higher.” The track is a woozy, magnified odyssey of emotional addiction to someone that feels like an intimate confession. Taking off with lounge-y piano taps, “Higher” ascends to soulful rapture as the silvery chords and smoky breakbeats roll out with hair-raising intensity. The rawness of Maximillian’s voice is an exquisitely overwhelming experience – he starts off by trickling out words with mellow air and then pours out every inch of his emotions. It has a heart-shattering effect where he takes you from mute interstices to gushing peaks in a 90s tri-hop fashion. Stream below:

“Higher” is the follow up of Maximilian’s debut single “Feelings” which has stacked thousands of views and captured fans around the world for his vocal prowess. You can follow the rising singer on Facebook and Instagram.