Baltazar’s “Lluvia” Captures The Burning Reality Of Star-Crossed Lovers In 18th Century

And you thought swiping was hard.

Photo: Baltazar – Lluvia (video oficial) YouTube

Being star-crossed lovers already puts you and your partner at the D- range in the scale of relationship survival – but being lesbian lovers in 18th century immediately yields doom. Baltazar’s new video “Lluvia” (“Rain”) audaciously captures the complex dynamics of family, society, and gender norms that drive two lovers into tragedy. Directed by the Grammy-nominated artist Jorge Camarena (who also directed Siddhartha’s “Tarde” & “Ser Parte” and Porter’s “La China”), “Lluvia” give us a close-up of the closeted romance in a repressed community. Camarena captures the extreme ends of the lovers by incorporating interstices of pristine moments that the two lovers shared throughout the entire clip:

Baltazar, who have already released two EPs so far, formed in Guadalajara, Mexico and have been songsculpting smoky cultwave tracks since 2014. As of now, they have show dates coming up:

5/6 – El Imperial (Cuahtemoc, Mexico)

6/3 – Pepsi Center WTC (Mexico City, Mexico)

You can find more works by Camarena and his production house Unlimited Films here.