Coucheron Is Your New Norwegian Spirit Animal, Meme Master, & EDM Soundtracker

The long lost twin of Shia Labeouf from Norway.

Photo: Johannes Greve Muskat

If you were to set up a LinkedIn profile for the Norwegian producer Coucheron, you’ll realize how much he fits the modern definition of multi-talented entrepreneur – he doesn’t only songsculpt EDM. He knows how to make memes, photoshop his face on Ed Sheeran, dumpster dive, and crash your party. But before trolling at him cus you’re jealous, listen to “Barely Floating” ft. Matilda. With tiptoeing beats, “Barely Floating” immediately mates gracefully with your ears before sending bone-shaking vibrations to every inch of your body (especially da booty). The track has a theatrical touch to it where the fragmented rhythmic catharsis and distorted vocals of Matilda yield a rare euphony:

Normally, when we Facebook stalk basic bitches DJs of EDM, the updates are usually selfie-shoe ads-bros/hos crowd-more selfies. But with this dude, as you scroll down further, you get sucked into his shenanigans and wonder if this is actually Shia Labeouf:

Meme masterpiece

Dear readers: please dont make this dude’s mistake. If you are going to photoshop your face on a body, choose a 6-pack. Not some dude wearing hoodie and sitting like he’s about to get up and take a dump.

Shia being freegan.

Photo: This was not photoshopped. He just glows.

And that’s how we spent the past 3 hours…instead of answering to all the emails from PRs and artists struggling to get their songs out about their lifelong hopes, dreams, and getting dumped. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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