Hugh Gives Us The Green Light To Party Like It’s Summer Now In “Go”

Synthpop searing with house heat.

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost Media

London-based quartet Hugh feeds us with a steady diet of Euro house and poolside beats in their latest single “Go.” It evokes the aura of an underground club or private rooftop party where the deliberate production and R&B inflections juggle with your adrenaline rush and Zen-like sobriety. If you were to place “Go” in a narrative plotline, it would fit right before the climax – the punchy notes and wispy synthwaves are constructed in a way that keeps you suspended in intensity. Hit play:

“Go” is from Hugh’s upcoming debut album Love, Hugh, which will be out on May 25th. Hugh is comprised of Joshua Idehen (vocals), Izzy Brooks (vocals), Andy Highmore (production/keys), and Tino Kolarides (guitar). Regarding their latest single, Izzy Brooks shared that it was inspired after a guy who made her feel as if she was underwater. “I remember there was green light flooding in from the surface, my lungs hurt and the excitement was so heavy it almost felt like I couldn’t breathe. Though I knew I probably should have jumped out, I stayed down beneath the waves, facing this person who had this hypnotic hold over me – it was crazy.”

Hugh have already been shaking the electropop scene for their outré way of songsmithing. You can find the four on Facebook and Instagram.