Take A Classy Electro Detour With THAT KIND’s “Backroads” Ft. Taylor Milne

Classy electromagnetic single.

Photo: Courtesy of BLOCC PR

Mysterious electronic producer, THAT KIND, debuted his video “Backroads” ft. Taylor Milne where he captures the magneticism of two individuals in noir. Built on a deliberate simplicity, “Backroads” radiates the ambient elements of old school electronic music that does not rely on the hooky ingredients of pop. Instead, the production plays with the repetitive beats and twitches the rhythmic structure by coating it with atmospheric layers. The track feels simple, yet provides a rich ambient space where the moody undertones and punchy thumps infuse you with invigorating chillness. Stream below:

We don’t know who THAT KIND is other than the fact that he’s a dude who likes to wear hats and hoodie…also he happens to be on Facebook and Instagram.