Two Islands’ “Heaven” Is What Scrolling Through A Rocker’s Instagram On Acid Looks Like

Atmospheric rock for nostalgia.

Photo: Two Islands – Heaven YouTube

There is a nostalgic air that captures the essence of youth in Two Islands’ debut video “Heaven” – a slick montage of photos that feels like you are scrolling through a rockstar’s Instagram. With aerated strumming chords and lo-fi bassline, “Heaven” ignites your best night memories as you shuffle through images that capture the spirit of rock and nocturnal freedom. Moving at a neck-breaking speed, the video blurs from one visual to another, almost as if you are watching a distorted version of Instagram cus you may be high.  “Heaven” is the ambient rock that reminds you of the short-lived invincibility we all once felt during our youth. Stream below:

Two Islands is a Liverpool-based band that hasn’t unveiled anything about who they are yet. So, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.