Hundred Waters’ Shares Delicately Rushed Trip Hop Single “Particle”

Peacefully unsettling.

Photo: Hundred Waters Facebook

Los Angeles trio, Hundred Waters, brings the extreme ends of trip hop vigor and sedative electronic ambiance in its new single “Particle.” Built on arpeggiating synths and rhythmic slices that yield a fragmented sound, “Particle” feels like listening through a maze of beats. You feel suspended in a muted chaos where the synths are constantly rearranging themselves as the sharp edges of trip hop and smooth ambience find symbiosis in an unexpected soundscape:

“Particle” is from Hundred Waters’ third studio album, which will be released under Skrillex-owned record label OWSLA sometime soon. The trio formed back in 2011 and gained wide acclaim for its first self-titled album back in 2012. The band has already toured alongside Skrillex, Diplo, Interpol and Grimes internationally. As of now, Hundred Waters hasn’t announced any tour dates yet – but expect a new record to drop soon.