Let HOUNDED Work His Electropical Mojo On You With His Single “On My Side” Ft. Savoi

Join the fun side.

Photo: Klaus Carson

Sydney-based producer, HOUNDED, is too cool for spring – hence he dropped a summer-infused electropical single “On My Side” ft. Savoi via Majestic Records (oh, Majestic). Toying with organic and synthetic elements, HOUNDED has songcrafted his own symphonic ecosystem: the vivid marimbas and airy flutes let you vicariously savor the coastal breeze as the curved thumps nudge you to the closest dancefloor. The crispy and flickering vocals of Brisbane artist Savoi add an extra warm oomph to it. Stream below:

“I had a difficult time finding vocals that matched the energy of the song. I was fortunate enough to be in the studio with Savoi late last year and his voice just seems to fit perfectly with the instrumental. I find that Savoi’s voice really compliments my style and gives it that extra sense of movement and energy” shared HOUNDED.

As of now, both artists haven’t announced any tour dates yet. So follow HOUNDED on Facebook and Twitter. Savoi is also on Facebook.