The King’s Parade Navigate Through The Pains Of Changing In “Mother Tongue”

Admit it. Changing can often feel like a kick in the nutz.

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

Bouncing on soulful chords that are propelled by smooth rock’n’roll beats, The King’s Parade’s newest single “Mother Tongue” juggles between changing and losing oneself. The midtempo strikes take you on a step-by-step admittance that shifting gears with your interests and beliefs come with sacrifice. Interlocked with elements of R&B and garage rock, “Mother Tongue” evokes the emotional wrestle that we all go through as we start shedding old ideas for new ones:

“‘Mother Tongue’ is about realising you’re losing touch with where you came from. You haven’t necessarily changed as a person but your ambitions and ideals have. It’s always difficult to get the balance right between moving forward and sticking to your roots. Ultimately, the person you were will always be within you and it’s important to be aware of that” shared TKP.

Taken from their upcoming EP,Haze, which will be out on May 11, The King’s Parade are preparing to roll out their new work that stands in the cusp between blues and rock. The London-based quartet have already headlined sold out shows in the UK, so go see them live before tickets run out:

5/11 – Olso (London, UK)