Lea Porcelain Takes A Modern Spaghetti Western Roadtrip In “Remember”

Practicing patience in emptiness.

Photo: Lea Porcelain – Remember YouTube

After teasing us with their synthplosive single “Remember,” Lea Porcelain has finally unveiled the debut video for it where they take us from Grand Canyon to Death Valley. We admit – watching two dudes wander through the desert doesn’t sound appealing at first, but as you keep watching you realize that “Remember” is not just about a trip. It’s a symbolic journey of trying to find answers despite the vast emptiness that surrounds you. The setting is what allows “Remember” to capture the aura of blank state that we often fall into and there’s no shortcut other than keep moving:

“This video somehow symbolizes this journey and our train of thought to be patient and to find that special something, that spark. And as we found it, it was so extraordinary but on the other hand so familiar as if it had been there forever. In the end this video became a journey for us as well to find and remember the essential things in life” shared Lea Porcelain.

“Remember” is from Lea Porcelain’s debut record Hymns To The Night, which will be out on June 16th. The electronic duo – who formed by serendipity when both artists met at Frankfurt – will be touring across Europe soon. So go see them live:

5/17 – Paradiso (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

5/19 – Gonzo (Zurich, Switzerland)

5/20 – Chelsea (Vienna, Austria)

5/26 – Immergut Festival (Neustrelitz, Germany)

5/28 – Kantine am Berghain (Berlin, Germany)

6/4 – W.G.T. Festival (Leipzig, Germany)

6/15-17 – Modular Festival (Augsburg, Germany)

7/16 – Latitude Festival (Southwold, UK)