Meet The Avant-Garde Act Of Swedish Dream Pop: Lusid

Get ready to play “Under The Carpet” on-repeat.

Photo: Courtesy of Birds Will Sing For You PR

With delicate arrangements of buoyant drums and flickering chords that take you to a breezy trance, Lusid’s newest single “Under The Carpet” is a lushful dream pop piece that feels like a slo-mo meditation. The woozy choruses and swift-paced rhythm exist in a sun-dappled soundscape where the lyrics sweeps us off into a train of thoughts that quickly dissipate as we get immersed into dreamy trance. Hit play below:

“Something you said that I don’t recall” chants Lusid. There are two opposing effects that take place in “Under The Carpet” – you’re hooked by deliberate descriptions before getting wrapped by the balmy, daydreaming percussions. The single is from the band’s upcoming EP, which will be out sometime later. Lusid has already received wide acclaim from Swedish media following their debut single “Plotting a Murder,” which hit Spotify Viral 50 (top #3). As of now, the band has a festival date coming up:

6/17 – Hybris Sommarfest #1 (Stockholm, Sweden)