Psy Passive Aggressively Sends His Love To Haters In “I Luv It”

That moment when the subtitles are far more romanticized.

Photo: PSY – ‘I LUV IT’ M/V YouTube

Gangnam style master, Psy, shared his brand new video “I Luv It” where we see him dancing with bunch of hot chicks as he curses in Korean while putting out PG13 self-love subtitles. The track, like most of Psy’s music, is fast-paced and upbeat – it’s definitely not meant for you to digest the lyrics judiciously (unless you want to, no one’s stopping you). It was designed for you to play it at Gameboi night at Rage the dancefloor. You can spot Korean celebs like Byung-hun Lee and some other TV host in the video:

At the end of the song you can’t help but ask, what just happened? Switching from one scenario to another at a neck-breaking speed, “I Luv It” definitely scratches your reward center. The track is from Psy’s eighth album 4X2=8, which was released today. He hasn’t announced any tour dates yet.