It’s Time To Exit The Friendzone With Hana2K’s “Too Close”

This is how you unfriendzone a relationship.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

In a balmy slo-mo, Hana2K takes us out of the friendzone in her new single “Too Close” where the gliding chords and fingersnaps take us into a ruminative space of desire. Built on chilled-down synths and piano taps, “Too Close” is an intimate portrayal of the vulnerability that exists at the edge of friendship and relationship. Stream below:

“It’s about being so close to somebody as friends that’s it’s just not possible to take it further” shared Hana2K.

we don’t know much about Hana2K except that she’s 17 and her debut single “Jealousy” has already accumulated 100k plays on Spotify. Friendzone her on Facebook and Twitter.