Thidius Hypnotizes Us With Their Noir Kaleidoscopic Video “Mention Nothing”

Capturing the distorted aesthetics of psychedelia.

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost Media

London-based quintet, Thidius, shared their mesmerizing noir video “Mention Nothing” where we are suspended in a kaleidoscopic dimension of various imageries that include landscape, singer Izzy Risk (raddest name. Ever.) and abstract patterns. It’s almost like taking a journey to the palette of a person’s dreams where the smudging colors and lack of concreteness sweeps you off to a funkadelic space. Bouncing on guitar strides and fluttering drums, “Mention Nothing” is embellished with climactic saxophone interludes that exude an air of jazz mixed with psychedelic elements. Stream below:

“The song starts off with a chilled sense of rolling timelessness – of the everyday, developing psychedelically as the ‘voice’ becomes seductive talking about the secrets of one’s mind, whilst enclosed in secrets. The music gradually builds this growing tension until the final section when both music and vocals begin to ‘flip out’. Conceptually and lyrically influenced by the Bjork track – ‘Possibly Maybe’” shared the band.

Based in South London, Thidius released their debut EP Rush You back in June 2014 and gained wide recognition by touring alongside King Krule. As of now, Thidius doesn’t have any tour dates coming up, so go holla at them on Facebook or Twitter.