Explore The Dark Side Of Brotherhood & Friendship In Evil Twins

The question is, was there ever just an evil twin?

Photo: Courtesy of Alexan Films

With a keen aesthetic eye, Director Alexan Sarikamichian explores the complex relationships and dependencies that exist between brothers in his new short, music film Evil Twins. We see two twins who spend their day with their cronies as they exchange bro hugs, swim in the river, and stroll through nature. But the day takes a major detour as one of the twins gets involved in a fight. Capturing the sleek demeanor and ostensible innocence of youth, Evil Twins gives us a glimpse of the dark human nature that lies beneath the pristine beauty. Watch how the brotherhood of friendship clashes with family:

Regarding the inspiration behind the film, Sarikamichian shared “I get inspired when I’m working with reality, what I have and the things that are within my reach, I try not to have impossible aspirations, just work with the real thing. That is my rule. I think about the location I might get and the fisic du role I imagine for each character. Then, I have to find the models to fit these requirements and I really enjoy the casting process. In this video as in many others I get inspired by imagining the actors performing in the characters I want for them.”

Born in Argentina, Alexan Sarikamichian has produced over 10 short films including “La Donna” (“The Woman”) and “Pude ver un Puma,” (“I could see a Puma”) which was nominated at The Cannes Film Festival. Although he has been working as a producer for years, he has transitioned into director and has been making short music films including “Not Your Girls.” You can find more of his work at Alexan Films here or follow him on Facebook & Instagram.


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