IDestroy Brings The Edgy Spirit Of Bristol To Life In Their New Video “98%”

Leather jackets, Cheap Monday, graffiti and dark alleys.

Photo: IDestroy – 98% (Official Video) YouTube

“That boy’s been looking at you / He thinks you’re beautiful” chants the frontgal/guitarist Bec Jevons of IDestroy in their new video “98%.” Taking us to dark alleys, bars, and corners of record stores, IDestroy give us a drive-thru glimpse into the edgy side of Bristol that musicians inhabit. The scenes change in a swift pace, almost as if you were flickering from one clip to another on Instagram. Despite rapidly changing scenarios, the trio’s expressions remain almost the same throughout the entire video – which captures the familiarity and comfort that becomes the default mode in one’s hometown. Explore IDestory’s natural habitat:

“98%” is from IDestroy’s second half of their double A-side single “Annie”/”98%,” which was released back in February. Comprised of Bec, Becky Baldwin (bass), and Jenn Haneef (drummer), IDestory have quickly established themselves in the rock arena across Europe for their punchy melodies that polish punk and pop around rock. As of now, they are on tour:

5/11 – Schaubude (Kiel, Germany)

5/12 – AJZ Banhdamm (Wermeiskirchen, Germany)

5/13 – VL Ludwigstrasse (Halle, Germany)

5/14 – Schraub-Bar (Buckeburg, Germany)

5/15 – Tiefengrund (Frankfurt, Germany)

5/16 – Ulenspiegel (Gieβen, Germany)

5/17 – Black Label Pub (Leipzig, Germany)

5/18 – Schokoladen (Berlin, Germany)

5/19 – Glockenbachwerkstatt (Munchen, Germany)

5/20 – AJZ Sonic “Female Fronted Night” (Erding, Germany)

5/22 – Blau Bar (Mannheim, Germany)

5/23 – Goldmarks (Stuttgart, Germany)

5/27 – Breaking Bands Festival (Bromsgrove, UK)

7/15 – Fire & Forge Festival (Trowbridge, UK)

8/4 – Outcider Festival (Cheddar, UK)

8/25 – Pflasterfest (Hameln, Germany)