M.I.L.K. – Memory Of A Memory Of A Postcard

EP rating: 9.0 – Bringing heart-warming nostalgia and fresh breathe of pop.

Photo: Jonas Bang

Emil Wilk is the mastermind behind M.I.L.K., who currently resides in Copenhagen. Signed to Capital Music France and Alamo/Interscope n the US, M.I.L.K. debuted his six-track EP, Memory Of A Memory Of A Postcard, on May 12th. For the next few months, M.I.L.K. will be releasing music videos for each of his song, a photo series, and an exhibition tour.

Slipping yacht rock rhythmic drips into the cocktail of coastal synthpop, M.I.L.K. swifts us between Mediterranean bliss and nostalgia in his new EP Memory Of A Memory Of A Postcard. The Copenhagen-based artist showcases his smoky, howling voice that takes us through romance and summer-ready rhapsodies in graceful strides. With fingersnaps and smooth sax, the opener “If We Want To” quickly captures you into the heart-warming trance. Dropping us beats that sound fluid but instantaneous like water, Wilk invites his audience to his own private niche of sun-dappled soundscape.

“U and me / We are melody” chants M.I.L.K. in the disco-infused track “U and Me.” The track has a more nocturnal disco disposition to it than a sunny one. Evoking a dancefloor awashed with neon red light, “U and Me” feels like the type of midnight banger you’ll play as Wilk’s crispy voice floats in the air. The following track, “Following the Sun,” is a chest-swelling track that bounces on guitar strums and jazz elements. The trumpets deliver a fresh intensity as M.I.L.K.’s voice gets hazed out into the airy background.

There is a fade-in-and-out game that M.I.L.K. plays in most of his EP. Like its preceding track, “Waiting” thumps alongside Wilk’s marching voice until they both become fumes of hiss and echoes that breath through your ears. The exiting track, “You’re Mine,” seduces you until the last minute with its traces of R&B and sax interludes that buoys you into a stargazing waltz. Deviating from overarching lamestream summer sound, M.I.L.K. displays his dexterity by building a variegated and colorful EP that feels like a bona fide sketch of summertime bittersweet emotions.

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