Chill In The Laid-Back Atmospherics Of The Last Port’s “Say You Will” Ft. Tequisha

Haunting soother.

Photo: Courtesy of BLOCC PR

Parisian producer, The Last Port, takes us in a slo-mo seduction in his latest single “Say You Will” featuring the heartstring-pulling vocals of Tequisha. The track steps into your ears in deliberate grace by laying down glimmering beats that are infused with smoky synths. Tequisha’s croons add a hauntingly blissful layer that seamlessly gets threaded with the underlying moodiness. Stream below:

Raphaël V. is the mastermind behind The Last Port who started songcrafting under this moniker four years ago and have already released three EPs. He has done a number of remixes and collabs with artists all around the globe. You can admire his beard on Facebook or Instagram.