Dreaming Is Your Mind’s Own Movie Set In The Japanese House’s “Saw You In A Dream”

Your dreams in the studio.

Photo: The Japanese House – Saw You In A Dream YouTube

If your mind was a film studio, then The Japanese House’s “Saw You In A Dream” is how the behind-the-scenes of your dreams would look like. The UK indie poptress takes us through a series of dream scenario where we see choreographers take on different personas. With an airy mellowness, “Saw You In A Dream” is a cruisey soundscape that gives us a novel outlook to the transitions of dreams. Hit play:

“Saw You In A Dream” is from her upcoming EP with the same title, which will be released on June 16. Amber Bain is the mastermind behind The Japanese House who has already released three EP and may be a part time lawyer. Her moniker was inspired by Kate Winselt’s former property in Cornwall where Bain used to stay during her childhood. As of now, the gal has a festival date coming up:

7/6 – Blissfields Festival (Winchester, UK)