Laurel Laxxes Brings Moody Eurphoria With His Single “Polar Eyes” Ft. Angie Hudson

When you need a break from lamestream electropical music.

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Aussie producer, Laurel Laxxes, captures the reality of everyday moodiness in his new ethereal single “Polar Eyes” featuring the fuming vocals of Angie Hudson. Unlike other lamestream electropical songs that are party-centered, “Polar Eyes” echoes the complex sentiments we feel towards the frailty and disintegration of human bond. Whether you can relate to this or not, the track opens up space for its listeners to shuffle through different emotions that are not necessarily positive. Carrying us through the airy synths, “Polar Eyes” consistently toys with our cortisol and serotonin levels with its rare symbiosis of intensity and ease:

“Angie and I decided to name to the song ‘Polar Eyes’ because the song is about viewing a relationship between two people that you care about from the outside. Seeing the contradicting ways they act towards each other and witnessing the positive and negative habits of their behaviour and actions.” shared Laurel Laxxes.

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