The Chain Gang Of 1974 Captures Simple Love Amidst Social Complexities In “Wallflowers”

Love itself is simple – health, immigration, hormones, race, texting, and age are what complicate it.

Photo: The Chain Gang of 1974 – Wallflowers (Official Docu-Video) YouTube

Opting for a documentary format in his new music video “Wallflowers,” The Chain Gang of 1974 follows the romance between an Iranian adolescent and an Orange County teen. This is not a basic love story – we are immediately told that the girl immigrated to the US for cancer treatment and is still battling with it. But the starry-eyed couple and heart-swelling beats show youthful love at its most pristine state. Despite the underlying health despair and omnipresent racial barriers, “Wallflowers” shows how simple and easy love is on its own:

“I didn’t want to present ‘Wallflowers’ in the typical music video fashion. I wrote this song knowing that it was bigger than me; a story needed to be told, with the song serving solely as its soundtrack. This represents love. This represents care. This represents all of us” shared Kamtin Mohager, the mastermind behind Chain Gang.

“Wallflowers” is from Mohager’s upcoming third album, FELT, which will be out on June 23rd. he has a show date coming up:

6/23 – Fonda Theatre (Los Angeles, CA, USA)


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