Blank Parody’s “Marching Through The Smoke” Is What Happens When You Set Rockers Free Into The Wild

Wild at heart.

Photo: Blank Parody – Marching Through The Smoke YouTube

Birmingham rock quartet, Blank Parody, shows us exactly what happens when you set musicians free into the wild in their new video “Marching Through The Smoke.” As you would’ve guessed, they run in Hunger Games fashion and rock out at the top of a cliff. We get it – if you’re displaced from your natural habitat of stage or studio, the world is a pretty confusing place #DontFreeMusicians. Darwinian observation aside, “Marching Through The Smoke” captures the panoramic madness of nature’s beauty, which were all shot with a drone:

“Marching Through The Smoke” is the type of rock piece that toys with your cortisol and serotonin levels with battering percussions. Produced by Jim Pinder (Fightstar & Bullet For My Valentine), the track fuels you with bursting beats that knocks into your system. It is the latest single of the four-piece act, who are preparing to roll out their debut EP soon. Catch them live and ask them the exact date:

6/3 – Camden Rock Festival (London, UK)

6/3 – Valefest (Birmingham, UK)

6/15 – The Flapper (Birmingham, UK)

6/18 – Alleycat Bar (London, UK)

6/23 – The Attic (Ashford, UK)