Get Your Party Mode & Survival Instincts On With JIM’s “Under Attack”

March into the electropop battlefield.

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

Norwegian electropop artist JIM triggers our fight-or-flight response alongside party mode with his new electropop single “Under Attack.” Taking us into the cannonade of grand-sized beats, “Under Attack” exhibits the rhythmic stickiness of electropop that immediately permeate in your system. The adrenaline-rocketing thumps bombarding us during the choruses makes us feel as if we are in an electropop war zone. Stream below:

“It started with the chorus. I always try to write anthemic, larger-than-life choruses. It’s a pretty intense way of working, but it’s a part of my identity as a songwriter. I wasn’t looking to tell a specific story but I wanted the song to be dark and epic. I keep seeing pictures of outer space in my mind, whenever I’m listening to the song, or playing it with my band. Musically, I think it’s both sentimental and uplifting, combining all the elements I think is needed in a big pop tune… 80s synths, punk rock guitars and gang vocals” shared JIM.

The track is the rising artist’s debut single, “On and On,” which was released earlier this year. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram.