Galactic Synthpop Meets Desert In Passerine’s “More Human”

“Without you, I am a little more human”

Photo: Courtesy of Mellum PR

Breathing out an uncanny tension of synths and drilling vocals, Passerine pummels us to a pensive trance of isolation in their new single “More Human.” Built on polyrhythmic cadence that escalates into intensity as frontgal Phoebe Dubar whirls you further into the tune with her vocal depth, “More Human” explores the comfort we find in emptiness. Stream below:

“More Human” is from Passerine’s upcoming EP with the same title, which will be released soon. Aside from Phoebe, Passerine is also comprised of Benjamin Murphy (live production) and Alex Gooding (drums). The Aussie trio has already received wide acclaim for their previous singles including “White Shadows And Grey Noise” and “Undergrowth.” Passerine does not have any tour dates, so go stalk them on Facebook and Instagram.